The First Post: Connection Defined

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We all want it. In fact, I would (tentatively) argue that we NEED it for survival. Life itself can be described in terms of connection; in the way we as human beings connect to other people, to our surroundings (both our immediate environments and the planet as a whole), and to deeper meaning and fulfillment.

So why do deep and meaningful connections so often seem to linger just beyond our reach? Why, in a time when we are more connected than ever, when the internet allows us to connect to points all over the globe and text messages are proposed to increase levels of oxytocin (often acting as a “feel good” hormone), do so many people still feel unconnected and alone?

According to the Webster dictionary, connection may be defined as:

the state of being connected: asa : causal or logical sequence…a political, social, professional, or commercial relationship…a set of persons associated together

Also see the words: link, coherence, continuity, clan, denomination

A clear and concise definition.  But perhaps clear and concise isn’t exactly what we’re looking for? From where I stand now, this definition simply isn’t enough. In fact, I think there is far more to the concept of connection than is captured by any one description available, and I have thus decided to embark on my own journey of connection to explore the way this idea applies to life in all directions.

A good starting point:

I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

― Brené Brown

The goal of this journey is to explore the concept of connection, specifically focusing on how people and organizations create experiences of meaningful connection that lead to happier, more fulfilling lives.

My plan (ambitious as it may be), is to travel around the continent and to meet with people who I believe will provide me with new perspectives and deeper insight. Through these points of personal connection, I will collect knowledge and wisdom about how individuals and organizations employ the various dimensions of connection in their day-to-day lives, specifically in the world of entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Getting to Point B is about getting to a point of true connection, and with that idea in mind I will document the most interesting thoughts and insights that I come across along my journey. Ideally this blog will serve as a method for a two-way conversation, in which I invite YOU to participate in the journey and bring new dimensions to the project.

While I understand that “connection” is a pretty huge concept to tackle (especially as it is such a buzz word in the world of business), I’m excited to see where the challenge might lead. I am already more than humbled by the amount I have learned through conversations about connection with the incredible people I have met thus far.

Ambitious as it may sound, I think the guys at Summit Series are really on to something in taking on the tag-line, “Make No Small Plans.” So here’s to big plans, new adventures, and a world of connections.

And so it begins,


Shira Bee

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