On a personal note, happiness.

In my first post I explained (in a fairly structured way) why I have chosen to embark on this journey of connection. And in the next post I plan to explain more directly where my inspiration came from to focus on this particular path, including the influences of Summit Series and StartingBloc.

But to add a new dimension, on a more personal note, I would like to complete at least one post that expresses why I feel so attached to this journey, and why I feel so strongly that this is exactly where my heart is right now. (Another goal in starting this blog is to increase my own degree of openness and honesty, so here it goes…)

Today has just been one of those incredible, amazing days. The kind that come around every so often, and remind us how wonderful life can be. I feel like I’ve been filled to the brim with excitement all day, constantly smiling and in a state of simple and untouchable happiness. And what is the source of my happiness, my deep feeling of gratitude for being alive today? I have a sneaking suspicion that it is directly based on the amount of connection I have felt:

  • I began the day by skyping with my mother, who after recently recovering from a double mastectomy to remove multiple tumors of breast cancer is finally feeling “back to normal.” As she is actually traveling internationally right now I haven’t spoken to her for a few days, and seeing her face again full of smiles was the best possible way to start my day.
  • I then sent in an application for a job posting of an experience that I would absolutely love to have, that fits in perfectly with my journey, and that I identify with as a purpose-driven and fulfilling way to spend my time.
  • In the afternoon I spent a couple hours planning my upcoming adventure to Bonnaroo with my amazing friend Erin, during which we both built each other up to ridiculous levels of excitement.
  • And in the evening I had a thought-provoking (as always) conversation with my roommate Noemi about family life and education, and skyped with my former boss and good friend David Denberg, my insightful “life guru” from StartingBloc Eric Butter, and one of my best friends from San Diego, Lauren Shwisberg.

A day of connection: to the important people in my life, and to a deeper sense of purpose in my choice of experiences for the coming weeks and months. Feeling connected to the people I love, feeling loved by them in return, is by far the best way to end the day. In fact, I think it’s the best way to spend every moment of the day. But I have to question, is this is an achievable goal? Is it possible to feel this connected and loved as not a passing phase, but rather a constant state of being? Is there a way to live a more connected life, and to create experiences in life where you and those around you share a deep sense of connection?

These questions really get to the heart of why I have chosen to explore this concept, of why I am so intrigued by the idea of created or “curated” connection. I feel very strongly that my emotional states, and my degree of happiness, directly relate to the amount of connection I feel on a day-to-day basis. And so I am going on an expedition to answer these questions, and to see how others create their own connected lives and experiences.

Wishing all readers (if any of you exist out there!) a week filled with the same happiness that I’ve found today, and of connection to the people in your life who love you, who build you up, and who inspire you.

Until next time,


Shira Bee

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