Tribes: An Issue of High Security

Tribe: A Definition

A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. For millions of years, humans have been seeking out tribes, be they religious, ethnic, economic, political, or even musical (think of the Deadheads). It’s our nature.

Tribes are what make things change.-Seth Godin


There’s something different about the StartingBloc community. Something that really earns the definition of a “tribe,” which seems to be the latest buzz word in the business and entrepreneurial community.

According to vetted StartingBloc speaker, Mitchell Wade, tribes are communities which:

“when you haven’t talked for 10 years they will still take you in because you are wired the same way.”

One of the most beautiful aspects of the StartingBloc tribe is that you feel so incredibly connected. The coordinators of the Institute for Social Innovation set the tone for a space that is open, honest, and inspiring. The events comprise the perfect combination of the traditional business conference segments: public speaking & pitches, network building, skill development, mentorship, and teamwork, with the less traditional topics that are so integral to innovation: inquiry, vulnerability, benevolence, honesty, love, mindfulness, and authentic connection.

As a StartingBloc fellow, you don’t know every face in the room, but you greet each person with love and respect.
You don’t just pitch your point and try to get people to think you’re interesting, instead you ask questions.
You don’t have to be at every second of every event, but when you attend, you are fully present.


Why we seek tribe-like communities: an issue of high security

Many of us spend our lives trying to build multiple levels of security: financially, academically, socially, to ensure that we are never left alone. Never left truly alone, with nothing to support us. We make tons of superficial connections to cover up the deep set fear of rejection, of being lost in life, and of being there alone. My experience is that the times when I’ve felt most connected, happiest, and most fulfilled are when I feel the strength of meaningful relationships and connections in my life. Whether that be to the incredible people I have the privilege of sharing a “tribe” with, or to the natural environment and ecosystem that I exist in, that same deep and indescribable feeling of security is present.

Since becoming an LA ’12 fellow back in February, the people at StartingBloc have made me feel authentically connected and inspired me to live intentionally, embrace fear, pursue my biggest, scariest dreams, and create impact. If you are interested in social innovation, in creating lasting change, and in connecting to other people who are wired the same way, check out the next StartingBloc institute near you! I cannot recommend it enough.

A big shout-out to all of the coordinators, mentors, volunteers, and candidates of the Boston 2012 Institute. LOVE to you all!

Look out for a follow up post on my favorite lessons from StartingBloc Boston 2012!


Shira Bee

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