Birthdays & Beyond

Today I am another year older, perhaps another year wiser, and even another year closer to the authentic connections that I am seeking.


I heard the most beautiful explanation of birthdays while here learning in Jerusalem at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies:

Birthdays, by definition, are days where you get to give your greatest gifts to the world. They are the days in which your existence is cherished, your birth is celebrated, and your presence in the lives of those you love is most appreciated. And of course, what better way to receive and reciprocate this love and appreciation than by connecting directly with your most authentic self and bringing to life the gifts that you possess and can give to others.

In fact in the Jewish tradition, there is an idea that “brachot” (blessings) that you give to others on your birthday are particularly powerful.


Whether or not you feel a mystical connection to the date of your birth, it seems to present a perfect opportunity to reflect on the impact you are making on the world, the dreams that you desire to bring to action, and the steps that you can take to make them a reality.

As it is my birthday today, one gift that I have been asked to give is to better express the lessons and wisdom that I have been collecting while on this journey of connection.  So this blog will continue to serve as a point of collection of my experiences, thoughts, and adventures into the beautifully overwhelming topic of connection, as well as a platform for exhibiting other methods of expression and learning as you’ll see in the posts to come.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to glance at this page, to wish me warmth and love from near and far, and to make my twenty second birthday the most meaningful one yet.

Until next time,


Shira Bee

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