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Notes By ShiraBee: Time & Faith in Mishnah

Notes By ShiraBee: Time & Faith in Mishnah

First Mishnah, Brachot.

Level Bet class with Rahel Berkovitz.

From what time do we read/say/call the Shema?

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Notes By ShiraBee: Hevron Visit

Notes By ShiraBee: Hevron Visit

Our visit to Hevron (West Bank). A challenging day of conflicting narratives. Heard personal stories and shared reflections from Israeli settlers, Israeli soldiers, Palestinian residents, peace-building organizations, and International Human Rights-Watch organizations.
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Notes By ShiraBee: Hevron Visit, Preparation

Notes By ShiraBee: Hevron Visit, Preparation

Preparatory session for our trip to Hevron (West Bank). Speakers presented about the biblical connection to the region, the historical political background, the view from Breaking the Silence, and from an IDF soldier.
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