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Taylor Jo Isenberg

In my recent visit to NYC, I spent some time talking to Taylor Jo Isenberg, my incredible teammate from the StartingBloc Case Challenge (Go team!)

Within the first few minutes of meeting Taylor you learn a few things:

1. She talks pretty fast.

2. She knows her stuff – Taylor is absolutely brilliant when it comes to understanding the world of policy and social enterprise, and has a unique perspective on the way these two fields are connected.

3. She ‘s incredibly warm, has a huge smile, and is always happy to help in any way that she can.

4. She loves North Carolina.

As the newly appointed National Director for the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network, Taylor works with students on “results-driven, creative problem solving” in the field of public policy.  Sitting with Taylor in a small coffee shop in NYC, I had my first (somewhat-official) point of connection, as we discussed public policy and its place in the future of our generation.

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